Our Values

Our values are simple:
To give each client the best legal service he or she can get within his or her budget.

Family law is a unique and challenging area of the law. Many attorneys avoid family law because they do not want the “drama” or “frustration” that often accompanies a serious family law case. We do not feel that way. We chose family law because it is a serious business and because it is a very human kind of law. Family law, in our opinion, is the most important kind of law an attorney can practice – it directly affects a person’s life, not just their pocketbook. We want to help people and being a good family law attorney is one of the best ways to do that.

We treat each client as human being who is going through one of the toughest periods in his or her life. It is our job to use our skill and experience to make the process easier to go through and to achieve what the client needs to achieve to move on with his or her life. You may be surprised when we “go the extra mile” to help you as most lawyers don’t have a reputation for doing that. This includes simple things such as meeting you after hours to accommodate your work schedule; loaning our iPad full of games to your child so he or she won’t be bored in the next room while we meet; or, helping you with directions to the courthouse so you aren’t late. We love what we do and we truly care about our clients; and, it shows.


Our Location

Law Office of Brock R. Wood, LLC

3570 E. 12th Avenue Denver, CO 80206 Telephone: (303) 618-4569 Fax: (720) 240-0728