Useful Links

Here is a handy list of just a few useful links to resources you can access to help you with family law issues you may be facing:

* Colorado Bar Association
Telephone: 303-860-1115.
Call to find out about attorneys and legal resources who can help you with your case
* Colorado State Judicial Website
Find out about courthouse addresses and telephone number, download useful forms, and get information on the court system’s resources available to assist you. For example, almost all court districts have a “family court facilitator” to assist persons with cases pending in that district. Look up your court district and then call the family court facilitator to find out what resources are available in your district.
* Example Parenting-Time Schedules
One of the most difficult decisions to make in family law cases is deciding how the parenting time of your children will be allocated to each parent. There ARE some well-known approaches that work well for different situations. The age of the child(ren) in question will often drive the parenting time schedule you choose. These are some great resources that show you the most popular parenting time schedules and the situation that each schedule is best for:

Arizona Courts Parenting Time Guide (PDF document)
Oregon Courts Parenting Schedules for 6 to 12 Year Olds (PDF document) 12 Sample Parenting Time Schedules
* Colorado State Judicial Website: Office of Dispute Resolution
Find a mediator and learn about mediation options. Also, find the list of mediators accepting the state pay rate in your judicial district.
Colorado | Office of Dispute Resolution
* Colorado State Judicial Website: Parenting time Handbook and Statewide List of Providers for the Required Parenting Class (for child custody cases and divorces involving minor children):
Download the “Connecting With Kids – Parenting Time Handbook” distributed by the Colorado State Judicial Department.  It is a bit dated but still contains lots of useful information.  At this web page you can also find a list of firms and individuals who offer the required parenting class.  If your new divorce or new child custody case involves children, you will be ordered to take the required parenting class. Colorado | Parenting time Handbook & Statewide List of Providers
* Colorado State Judicial Website: List of Child and Family Investigators in Each Judicial District
List of Child and Family Investigators in Each Judicial District
Colorado | Child and Family Investigators in CO Judicial Districts
* Colorado State Judicial Website: Court Dockets
See Upcoming Court Dates for Your Case (and other cases).  The date range can be set for up to 6 months into the future.
Colorado | See Upcoming Court Dates for Your Case
* Property and Debt Division Spreadsheet
I created a template spreadsheet for my clients and I to use in a divorce case.  In a divorce case, this spreadsheet is useful both during negotiations and during the final “permanent orders” hearing in your case.  This spreadsheet let’s you see, at a glance, the “big picture” of the total amount of property and debt each party will receive at the time of divorce.  You can change an item in the spreadsheet and instantly see what that particular change to the allocation of property and debts does to your “bottom line”.  Even if you don’t settle the case, the judge will almost certainly want to see this spreadsheet on the day of the permanent orders hearing for your case.
Colorado | Property and Debt Division Spreadsheet

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