Ways to Work with Us

Ways to engage usWe understand that each case is unique – and so are your specific needs. While most clients prefer to retain legal counsel on a retainer basis, there are also other ways to engage us. We work with you to make sure that you get the level of service that exactly fits your needs – and budget.

Below please find the three general ways that clients can engage with us:

LitigationMediationUnbundled Legal Services

This is what most people think of when they think of a divorce or child custody legal case – going to court to fight with the other party about the issues you disagree on. You put on your evidence and the other party puts on his or her evidence. Then the judge makes a decision and both parties have to live by it. Our firm is good at litigation. We know the best strategies to use, the evidence and witnesses needed, and the best procedures to utilize to give you the best chance to persuade the judge to find in your favor and give you a favorable ruling. If you don’t settle your case, you will need to present your arguments to the judge and ask the judge to make the decision for you. If this is the route you choose, make sure you have an experienced family law attorney representing you in and out of court.

If both parties to a divorce, child custody, or child support matter wish to negotiate and settle their differences out of court, We can act as a mediator. we represent neither party, but do assist the parties in reaching and then drafting the agreement. We also educate the parties on the other forms to fill out and how to manage the court’s process when parties have settled their case.

We will help you represent yourself. We will help you with the documents you need to file, making sure you know all the deadlines in your case. We will not go to court for you and the other side cannot serve papers on us. You must file all papers yourself.

When is unbundled legal services a good choice?

• When you need help immediately and you cannot afford a standard attorney retainer.

• You think you can work out a settlement with the other party but you need a lawyer to review the agreement you are about to sign to make sure the agreement is fair, there are no “gotchas” and your rights are protected in the future. One or two hours of an attorney’s time may save you a future of repeated court appearances and thousands of dollars in attorney fees to undo a bad, unfair agreement you should never have signed.

• When you want to work on a case yourself, perhaps to modify an existing order, but you don’t want to pay a full attorney retainer to do so.


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