Family Law Explained

Below you will find a detailed overview of the issues and challenges you will encounter in a family law case

Our firm handles all of the types of cases shown below. If you are involved in one of these cases, or are considering filing legal papers to start one of these case, we can help prevent headaches and mistakes that may negatively affect you and your rights for years to come. We provide a free 45 minute consultation. Contact us as soon as possible when facing family law issues because many of your rights in family law cases depend upon fast action before deadlines run and orders become permanent and are difficult to undo. If needed, we can even provide some legal help right away, with only a small up-front payment, to help you represent yourself (see the section on how we can help you for more information on “unbundled” legal services).

Common Law Marriage Divorce
Legal Separation
Child Custody (Allocation of Parental Responsibilities)
Child Support
Modification, Termination, and Enforcement of Orders in All Types of Family Law Cases
Restraining (Protection) Orders
Relocation Issues
Garnishment and Income Assignments for Alimony and Child Support
Paternity Actions
Child Abduction (Prevention and Return)
Step-parent Adoption

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