About Brock R. Wood

Practice Areas:

Brock R Wood Family Law - Portrait

  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Enforcement of Existing Orders
  • Civil Protection Orders (sometimes called restraining orders)
  • Step-parent Adoption
  • Relocation

I represent clients in all courts in the State of Colorado. I focus on practicing in courts in the Metro Denver area, including Boulder, Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas County. I also work on occasion in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

  • Licensed in Colorado since 2004
  • Licensed in Virginia since 1989

My Approach: Zealous Representation with Human Heart

I enjoy being a litigator and I am good at it. I enjoy taking a well-prepared case to court and persuading the judge that my client’s plan or request is the better choice and should be adopted as the order of the court. On the other hand, sometimes a fair settlement agreement is in a client’s best interest legally, financially, emotionally, and psychologically. If that point is reached, I advise my client to “cut to the chase” and accept the settlement agreement.

In my view, settlement is about risk avoidance. Whenever a judge makes a decision for you, you run the risk that the judge’s decision will be unfavorable to you and not give you what you want. When you settle a case, you get exactly what you bargained for, as long as your attorney is experienced at drafting well-written settlement agreements. Your attorney should be able to assess your “worst day in court” and then advise you about why you should or should not accept the settlement.

Another advantage of a fair settlement is that you can achieve a creative, customized solution that perfectly fits your situation. A judge will be unlikely to give you such a solution unless both parties agree to it. Certain useful tools in the law, such as Parenting Coordinator/Decision-Makers and Parenting Coordinator/Arbitrators can be agreed upon by the parties but cannot by ordered by the judge unless both parties agree.


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